Opening match completed!

The opening match of the EiPSIO Open 2011 has just finished! In an exciting battle between the Italian Tennis champion A. Simone from Venice and his boss B. Skoric from the Netherlands the Italian has come out victoriously. Simone will continue through to the quarter finals where he will face M. Petkovic[3].

B. Skoric congratulates his opponent A. Simone with the victory.

Skoric gave the following comment after his lost match against Simone: “This is devastating. My last chance for a comeback gone like smoke in the wind. Even though I played the best match in my life, Simone in top form was too much for me. It is time to leave tennis to the new generation of aces. I’ll sell my racket and return to gardening and theoretical physics.”

Simone v Skoric as it happened

13:30 New opening match: 14:00 at Court 1: Antonino Simone v Boris Skoric!
14:43 And we’re at Court 3 LIVE, where Skoric is serving to stay in the first set at 1-5, but 40-0 up!
14:44 And he takes it to love, but Antonino serves for the first set.
14:47 But Simone goes 40-love up to get three set points. Skoric saves the first, but not the second: 6-2 to the Italian in tropical conditions..
14:56 And into the second set we go, the winner to face third seed Milan Petkovic. Antonino holds and gets 0-15, but Skoric gets two big serves
13:06 Pressure now on the Skoric serve at 1-2, 15-40.. And BREAK! 3-1 to Simone, who looks in control of this match at the moment..
13:14 Some big serving now by Skoric, but equally big returns by Simone.. And suddenly a double fault for 1-3, 15-40. Enthralling encounter..
13:21 But Skoric holds, gets to 15-30 on the Siimone serve.. and then gives it away. So it’s 5-2 to the Italian who needs just one more game..
13:24 Comfortable hold by Skoric, but he still trails with a set and a break and it’s Simone who – visibly tired – serves for the match: 1-0, 5-3
13:28 Simone gets two match points at 40-15 but Skoric saves both! And another! But he volleys the fourth one home: 6-2, 6-3, a good win in 1h28

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