Schoenmakers comes back from set down against Boesten to reach final

Berry Schoenmakers beats Dion Boesten in the second semi-final: 3-6, 6-4, 6-1.



12:00 And we’re on. Schoenmakers chooses to start serving, but kicks it off with a double fault. Ouch..
10:02 0-30, but saves the day with two huge serves. Good hold in the end. Let’s see how Boesten responds. The serve will be key, one feels..
At 40-0 it looked like an easy service game for Dion, but Schoenmakers gets him to deuce. But a hold in the end: 1-1
12:18 15-40 on the Dion serve.. saves one break point… and Berry misses the easiest of volleys! Double fault, another break point.. What a game!
12:22 PLAY SUSPENDED at 2-1, deuce. We predict a short break, after which there should be uninterrupted play
12:24 Controversial moment at last ball: Dion hits an ace, but with a ball from another court. Schoenmakers demands a let, awarded by the umpire
12:24 Thoughts on the match? Let us know at @EiPSIOpen
12:38 Players back on court! How will the delay and the heavier balls affect the players?
12:44 Mm.. Double fault.. Back to deuce. Huge game! HOLD! Schoenmakers will rue his missed chances.. How will he respond in his own service game?   
Fairly comfortable hold for 3-2. And 3-3. Shaping up nicely as we stroll towards the business end of the set. Sun still ambivalent
12:57 Serve and missed volley for 15-30 at the Schoenmakers serve.. And now 15-40.. But Berry saves both! BREAK! 4-3 to Dion
12:58 And Schoenmakers looking a bit tired.. You feel that a longer match will be to the advantage of Boesten, whose rhythm is improving..
13:02 And 5-3.. Dion doesn’t look like missing too many volleys anymore, giving Schoenmakers problems passing.. Is the lob the only way out?
13:07 15-40.. Dions aggresive play is paying off as he gets two SET POINTS! And Dion takes it at the third chance: 6-3!
13:08 Set point was a good serve, which Dion just managed to negotiate over the net. Berry didn’t expect that! Berry needs a change of game plan..
13:09 @pvliesdonk Only if you do some extra hard working on behalf of the spectators at court 3
13:17 Dion holds for 1-0 in the second.. And Berry holds to love. He badly needed that. But Dion’s serving looks ominous..
13:22 Well.. I say that and immediately Dion goes from 40-0 to deuce with two double faults. And Berry BREAKS! 2-1 to the proff(+essional)..
13:31 Berry manages another breakpoint on the Dion serve, but this time doesn’t take it. And we’re 3-2 to Schoenmakers!
13:38 BREAK! Dion takes it with Schoenmakers blaming the sun, and we’re back on serve at 3-3!
13:40 Tension rising now: 0-40, and a double fault for a Schoenmakers re-break! 4-3 and Berry to serve
13:48 Who can get his act together at the latter stages of this set? A bit twitchy by Berry to go 15-40, and, ladies and gentlemen, another BREAK!
13:51 BREAK, fourth in a row, 5-4 to Berry as Dion’s serve is in big trouble. Can Berry serve for the set?
13:58 Deuce on the Berry serve, one set point gone. Enticing stuff! Great footwork as Berry covers the whole court for another set point. SET! 6-4
14:10 Dion still hasn’t quite recovered his serve, and Berry punishes him: BREAK! Quality has dropped a bit..
14:12 Speaking of which: some drops of rain start dripping. Play suspended. Time for Schoenmakers to rest, or for Boesten to refocus?
14:20 Back again!
14:27 Breakpoint on the Schoenmakers serve, as there is distracting sound on the outer courts. BREAK! 1-1, Dion to serve
14:30 0-40.. Serving doesn’t seem to be much of an advantage right now. 2-1 to Schoenmakers
14:36 3-1 to Schoenmakers.. Can we have another turnaround? Boesten needs to make sure he doesn’t give away too many free points on his serve..
14:39 Determined look on Berry’s face as he gets to deuce on Dion’s serve. Does he smell blood? Break point.. BREAK! 4-1! What a match!
14:45 Comfortable hold by Schoenmakers for 5-1. Boesten has it all to do now. And that is not a good start: 0-30..
14:48 GAME, SET, AND MATCH! The third set was just one too many for Dion as he succombs 3-6, 6-4, 6-1. Great match!
14:49 So, a Jerry v Berry final it is! Berry won’t want to do it today.. Keep in touch to see when it will be scheduled.


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