Berry Bashes den Hartog’s Hopes

Berry Schoenmakers was effective in punishing Jerry den Hartog, who never really settled into this year’s EiPSI Open final: 6-2, 6-1.


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Berry v Jerry as it happened:

14:19 Good afternoon everybody! Berry and Jerry are warming up. Thoughts? Could be a great match!
14:21 Some controversy over the height of the net.. Berry wants to get it just right, maybe reflecting the importance he assign to his serve?
14:36 And we’re on! Jerry to serve first
14:39 And a comfortable hold to 30. Early days, but a bit of tension in the arms for both players
14:45 Pressure directly on the Schoenmakers serve.. 0-30. Wil leaves: “It is clear who will win”. Let’s see about that, at least it’s 1-1
14:49 BREAK! Double fault for Den Hartog hands Schoenmakers the break for 2-1. Unexpectedly: the pressure is more on Berry in the rallies..
14:52 “Been watching too much Wimbledon”, grumbles Den Hartog as he negotiates a big forehand straight into the net. Berry finding a bit of form at 30-15
14:55 And an ACE right on the left outer line for a hold at 3-1. Nice pressure from Berry as Jerry makes a bit of a slip.. And DEUCE!
15:01 DOUBLE FAULT hands Schoenmakers another break: 4-1. Well, if Berry keeps winning the pressure points then it may be a one-sided affair..
15:07 Deuce now on the Schoenmakers serve. And now he makes a double fault.. But back to deuce. Hold in the end, Jerry serves now to stay in it
15:16 Another hold: 5-2 now to Berry, serving for the set now. 30-all. SET, 6-2 to Berry as the tournament number 3 Dion brings cake!
15:23 “Kom op gek!”, Berry exclaims as Jerry gets from 0-30 to 30-all on his serve. Break point though.. And BREAK! 
15:24 Sloppy start to the second game now by Berry as he loses three points in a row: 0-40. And a double fault for the RE-BREAK!  
15:29 Break point again for Berry. And BREAK! 2-1 to B. Similar pattern to B v Dion second set with break after break after break. Who gets some form first?
15:32 Well, seems to be Berry, who holds to love: 3-1. Some inspiration required now from Den Hartog. Does he still have the belief?
15:34 Ice delivered, Henk: “I don’t know about this EiPSI Open, but the ice box open is quite a challenge”. Distractions, and, oh yes, BREAK by B
15:41 5-1 now. Jerry serves to stay in this year’s EiPSI Open.. He hasn’t really taken off today, unfortunately.. And a double fault for 15-40..
15:46 Game, set, match: 6-2, 6-1. “I have been dreaming for this moment all my life, but first I had to find students to trick them into organizing it!”
15:46 Thanks everybody for a great tournament. See you next year!


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