Semi-Finals put EiPSI v EiPSI, CASA v CASA

With the competitors in the final to be decided today, we can already be sure it will be EiPSI v CASA tomorrow. As first and third seeds Berry Schoenmakers and Milan Petkovic managed comprehensive victories to conquer the two top quarters of the draw, the bottom quarters were taken by CASA members Iason Zisis and Stan Korzilius.

As Milan Petkovic enjoyed a day of rest after beating Valerio Sevcenco yesterday, first seed Berry Schoenmakers made light work of his first match in this year’s Open. Taking his first set against Ving Bui to love, he was a bit careless to go 2-1 down in the second, but re-gained his composure, sealing a 6-0, 6-2 victory in less than an hour.

Meanwhile, Stan Korzilius enjoyed a surprisingly easy quarter-final against second seed Dion Boesten. The southener, who last year took a set off Berry Schoenmakers and then gained third place by beating Milan Petkovic in a deciding tie-break, failed to get into the match under hefty pressure from the CASA member. Losing the first set 0-6, Dion responded by breaking Stan in the first game of the second set, but that was just one of two games he managed to take: 2-6. Having dropped just two games in two matches so far, Korzilius is now seen by bookmakers as a major title contender.

The final semi-final place was taken Iason Zisis, who beat John Businge 6-2, 6-4. After a, by his own admission, rusty start to the tournament in which he nonetheless managed to beat fourth seed Meilof Veeningen, Iason may be returning in form just in time to become a finalist rather than the referee of the final. First, though, he will have to play Stan in the semis.

Day 3 as it happened

17:08    We are live now from the tennis courts, where Stan is leading Dion 4-0 in the first set.. Schoenmakers to start his match any time now.
17:10    Ominous signs for Berry as he complains about dizziness due to a sugar dip…
17:11    And Dion wastes two break points at 15-40. 5-0 now to Stan, will the second seed find something to recover from this deficit?
17:16    Break again as Stan takes his first set point to make it 6-0. He’s clearly knocking on the door as a serious title contender today..
17:17    Dion feeling the pressure: “i really want to win, so I’m trying too much to avoid mistakes.. I have to play it point by point” Easily said..
17:18    So what about title defender Schoenmakers? Well, he’s on fire, racing to a 3-0 lead and having some nice practice time with the match balls
17:20    Break point now for Dion in the first game of the second set..
17:23    And he takes the game at the second attempt. Might we see a turnaround here?
17:24    Meanwhile, last years runner up and this years missing person shows up: Jerry “injured” den Hartog..
17:26    .. But Stan is not to be deterred: break point and now it’s 1-1, 40-0..
17:30    Some nice rallies and 15-30 on the berry serve, but in the end he takes the set quite comfortably to love. Might we have the two finalists?
17:30    And some Guus Meeuwis on the background to complete the nice atmosphere
17:31    Frustration growing for Dion, who is definitely emotionally involved in this encounter..
17:37    Ving holds serve for 1-1, signs of Berry getting tired.. Let’s see how far he can go in this set..
17:38    Dion serving one break behind at 1-4 in the second, after wasting two break points.. Something needs to start happening for the second seed
17:41    Break on break on break as Ving makes it 2-1. Berry sighing heavily, what is happening here?
17:41    Analysis from Jerry: “some nice tennis in here”
17:43    5-2 to Stan now, Dion to serve to stay in this years open..
17:48    6-0, 6-2. Dion: “beroerd”, Stan: “het ging wel lekker”
17:52    Meanwhile it’s 5-2 to berry on the other court..
17:53    .. as Jerry is practicing with John for the latter’s quarter-final, to start in about 10 minutes..
17:57    And Berry takes it: another 6-0, 6-2. Ving: “he played very well, I will try to improve and return next year”.
17:59    Berry: “I was a bit worried at 2-1, I had to keep my composure, but I had to play point by point.”


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