Korzilius Recovers from Set Down to Claim EiPSI Open Crown

Stan Korzilius claims his first EiPSI Open crown with an empathic win over title defender Berry Schoenmakers: 6-7 (3), 6-1, 6-0.


After a flying start by Korzilius, Berry came back to force and win a tie-break in the first set, but from the second set onwards, there was only ever going to be one winner to this year’s EiPSI Open, as Stan Korzilius allowed just one more game to the defending champion. Read on below for the full live report.


The EiPSI Open 2012 final as it happened:

17:01 And we’re live now from court 1 where Berry and Stan are practicing serves. Internet connection slightly erroneuous…
17:04 Stan scores his first victory on the toss, Berry to serve first. Good luck to them, let’s hope its a good final
17:08 Berry starts on the all out attack, but misses an attacking forehand, while Stan attacks in a more measured way to set up BREAK POINT!
17:10 And BREAK! Wow…
17:12 But Berry sticks to his attacking game plan, very nice winner, but then a mishit on the return for a hold to 30 by Stan
17:12 Imperatieve now that Berry gets a foothold in this match. Let’s see what he can do at 2-0
17:14 Stan is playing in a very measured way, Berry hitting the ball a lot harder but with a lot more mistakes.. And two double faults for 30-40
17:15 And BREAK! Berry talking to Henk for moral support as last years nemesis Jerry makes a surprise appearance
17:19 Very impressive now by Berry as he takes on Stan’s serve with gusto to get to15-40. And BREAK BACK! 3-1 to Stan now
17:23 Berry kicking the balls now in frustration as a second double fault earns Stan a BREAK BACK POINT. Ouch, another double fault… Worrying…
17:27 Great rally, Berry trying to move forward, but lobs by Stan push him back two times. And a great first serve for 40-0, and hold to love: 5-1
17:28 Anybody fancy a repeat of Berrys semi, in which he also lost the first set by quite a margin..
17:30 Berrys attacking shots just not quite good enough as he keeps letting in Stan with the lob. “Next year we keep it in the family”, screams B
17:33 Good hold though from Berry, 5-2, Stan to serve for the set in a minute. Is there a way back for Berry?
17:35 Is there some tension coming into Stan’s game? Down 0-30 now
17:37 Deuce now as Berry resists a heavy attack on his forehand. And a break point… Terrible reaction to a high ball from Berry for a BREAK: 5-3
17:39 Some dissatisfaction showing on Stan’s usually composed face.. Berrys face mostly shows fatigue..
17:41 Berry claiming unsportsmanlike behavior by his competitor now, but it seems he himself was trying very hard to walk into the ball. Hold! 5-4
17:45 Jan-Willem assuming umpire duty now. Berry seems on a mission now as he gets to 0-30. Some mistakes creeping into Stan’s game…
17:48 Double fault now… 5-5. Somehow Berry seems to have the ability to drag down his opponents level. Berry serving to reach 6 first
17:51 Hold to 15.. Will we see the tournaments first tie-break?
17:54 We certainly will!
17:57 First blood for Berry as Stan double-faults again… Quite a turnaround. For the first time this tournament, Stan pressurized. Can he cope?
18:00 Stan had Berry on a string there, but a slightly mishit hands the point to Berry, who races to 5-2
18:02 And 6-3, three SET POINTS to Baseline Berry for an amazing turnaround in this first set. And Berry takes it 7-6 (3).. Stan: “flinke dip”
18:11 But Berry letting him off the hook now with a terrible service game: 2-0 to Stan, perfect start to the second set. Is this what he needed?
18:15 “I’m starting to see through his tactics” sighs Berry as he has just seen all corners of the field while Stan remained stationary. 3-0 to S
18:21 Did I say 3-0? 4-0 in fact.. Is Berry giving up on this one?
18:23 4-0? 5-0. “Is this set already finished?” asks Berry
18:25 Ah! Kom op! Jesus Chr.. Oeh.. Berry is not one to hide his emotions on the court…
18:27 Well Berry holds, but a gargantuan effort needed if he is to come back in this set
18:33 6-1. So we have a decider! Fitting finale. You’d have to fancy Stan now, but who knows… Can the champion find something?
18:38 Berrys finishing letting him down again as Stan gets back from losing position at several stages in this game… And BREAK! 1-0 to Stan
18:43 Some hard fought games now as Berry also gets to deuce on Stan’s game. But Stan manages a hold. Break confirmed, two to love in the third
18:43 Some cow sounds now coming from court 2..
18:49 Berry asks some difficult questions, but Stan has all the answers.. Another BREAK for 3-0
18:51 “I’m seeing through the tactics of my opponent, I’m making mistakes but they’re unnecessary” explains Berry. Stan laughs politely
18:54 Vicious look now on Stan’s face. He is not letting go of his prey. 4 to 0, Berry seems a bit dazzled
18:57 It’s all gone wrong. Love to 40 as berry resorts to some soft, high balls to disturbs Stan’s rhythm.
18:58 Smash missed, as Barry smashes some other balls on the ground. Stan with a chance to serve out the championships
18:59 Despondent look on Berrys face. 15-0.. Another lob and a wry smile. 30-0.. Missed return and 40-0..
19:02 And its done! 6-0 and Stan is this years eipsi open champion
19:05 Thanks everybody. The post match analysis will continue here for sme time. We’ll see you all again next year!


8 thoughts on “Korzilius Recovers from Set Down to Claim EiPSI Open Crown

  1. Am so honoured to receive the fair play award. Many thanks to the organizers of the Tournament. I promise to fight for the bigger trophy next year 🙂

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