MONDAY GOSSIP: Milan Explains Exit, Schoenmaker Re-Strings Racket

On Final’s Day, Milan Petkovic explains his mysterious exit from the EiPSI Open semi-final, while Berry Schoenmakers [1] was forced to hastily re-string his match racket. The final will be held at the end of the afternoon, with the exact time expected to be announced this morning.

Last Thursday, third seed Milan Petkovic caused one of the major shocks of this year’s EiPSI Open by conceding to his opponent Berry Schoenmakers at a crucial moment in the third set, amid hefty speculation on the exact circumstances. In a statement now released by Milan, he has revealed that he was, in fact, involved in negotiations with the KNLTB involving his participation in this year’s Districts Masters for Oost-Brabant. Currently ranked 10th with 8 places available for the tournament held end-september, Milan has a good chance of making it to the season’s finale. The EiPSI Open organisation is content with this explanation and congratulates Milan Petkovic on his fine tennis performance this season.

Milan shares his 10th place on the ranking for the Masters with one Stan Korzilius, who would have been his opponent in EiPSI Open final. Thus, it seems Milan may be getting his Korzilius Clash after all, albeit one month later than he would have liked.

With Korzilius ranked 10th of Oost-Brabant, and Berry Schoenmakers recently hitting top form in reaching the final of the Shaile Open, this afternoon’s EiPSI Open decider seems well-poised to become an absolute cracker.

One challenge title defender Schoenmakers will have to overcome though is playing with a newly strung racket. Rumours that his previous strings were broken in yesterday’s practice for the final may reveal that Berry’s game plan will involve some hard hitting this afternoon. In 10 hours, we will know if it has been enough.


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