Open ’13: Meet the Seeds

Who are the main contenders for this year’s EiPSI Open crown? In this feature, we take a look at the four seeded players who are expected to give us lots of exciting moments in the latter stages of this tournament.

Onno Boxma [1]

Rating (2012/current): 5.59/5.32 (singles); 6.07/6.14 (doubles)
Previous results: N/A

ImageParticipating in the EiPSI Open for the first time this year, Onno Boxma is already seen by pundits as a main contender for the title. Although Boxma’s recent tournament practice is limited, he did participate in last spring’s district competition, picking up several wins that alowed his single’s ranking to rise to a very solid 5.32. His only problem on the way to the title may be to cope with tactical rather than hard-hitting players; his quarter-final match against Vinh Bui or Sunder Rao will be revealing. After this, he faces the prospect of denying tennis prof Berry Schoenmakers [3] his third consecutive final spot.

Jacques Resing [2]

Rating (2012/current): 8.99/8.99 (singles); 5.80/6.16 (doubles)
Previous results: N/A

ImageAnother high-profile addition to this year’s EiPSI Open playing field is Jacques Resing. Starting this year with a slightly better double’s rating than first seed Onno Boxma (Resing has not recently played single’s matches), he has however encountered a series of shock defeats, giving him a current rating of 6.16. However, his recent performance at the B. Verstappen Bedrijfswagens Open in Lierop, in which his partnership landed three wins before going down in two sets against two higher-ranked players, will give him the confidence for possible confrontations with previous semi-finalists Dion Boesten (in the quarter-finals)  and Milan Petkovic (in the semi-final) in his run to the final.

Berry Schoenmakers [3]

Rating (2012/current): 7.80/7.81 (singles); 8.26/8.55 (doubles)
Previous results: Winner (2011); runner-up (2012)

meBerry Schoenmakers underlined his dominance in the EiPSI tennis world by winning the inaugural edition of the EiPSI Open back in 2011. However, as the tournament and his opponents professionalised, he found this feat difficult to repeat in 2012: narrowly snatching his place in the final from the hands of defeat amid controversial circumstances, Berry then found himself up against an impossible task in trying to beat in-form Stan Korzilius. Korzilius declined to participate this year, but this will not comfort Berry too much, as his replacements Boxma and Resing seem even more formidable. However, Schoenmakers got some good wins under his belt this summer, including two matches at Tegenbosch and a three-set epic in his home tournament in Stiphout. If all goes according to plan, Schoenmakers will interestingly set up a mouth-watering clash against his 2011 nemesis Jerry den Hartog already in the quarter-finals!

Milan Petkovic [4]

Rating (2012/current): 7.49/7.01 (singles); 7.89/7.76 (doubles)
Previous results: Semi-finals (2011, 2012)

milanOften underestimated, but connoisseurs know he is certainly one to watch: don’t count out Milan “The Djoker” Petkovic that easily! Three sets by runner-up Jerry den Hartog were needed to get him out of the 2011 tournament, while in 2012 it even took external circumstances to end his epic encounter with runner-up Berry Schoenmakers. Meanwhile, Petkovic gained a lot of match-play practice playing in Eindhoven, Mierlo, Steensel and other places, among other achievements resulting in a second place in Hapert. His solid match play should help him in his road to the semi-finals in what is arguably the easiest quarter of the draw — but by then, he still needs to beat Jacques Resing or his conqueror to book that elusive first spot in the final.

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