Day 3 As It Happened

Resing raises his level in time to avoid defeat; Petkovic doesn’t Djoke around; Boxma delivers a knock-out blow; and Simone is the first fair-play finalist — all as a prelude to today’s epic match between Berry Schoenmakers and Jerry den Hartog. This is EiPSI Open day 3 as it happened.

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15:45 LIVE: Dion has taken the first set 6-4, but Jaques hits back with a timely break: 5-7, first decider of the tournament!

15:46 Meanwhile, Milan and Thijs are also preparing, as we just learn that Sebastiaan has taken his first game of the tournament. Enticing!

15:54 Hmm.. Resing takes an early break, but Boesten earns two break back points. Fails to convert them though: two to naught for the second seed

15:59 And three to naught.. Boesten turns on the screws at 0-15, only to miss an easy smash.. Ominous signs now as frustration is rising.. 4-0

16:01 Meanwhile, the fair play award court is reporting a 6-1, 4-1 lead for Simone.. At least no bagels for De Hoogh today..

16:03 Dion keeps applying pressure, only to miss the winner. 5-0, this could be over more easily than it seemed..

16:05 But now a first double fault for Resing to go 15-30..

16:07 And a BREAK to Boesten! Does he still have something in the bag?

16:09 And a HOLD for 5-2..

16:12 We have a result.. In the fair play cup that is. 6-1, 6-2 to Antonio

16:15 Hold on.. Dion is not our yet! He saves three match points and BREAKS BACK to 5-3!

16:22 “Heavy match” says Resing. Indeed, it took a break, but Resing takes it in the end: 6-3. What a match!

16:23 And now the big one: Berry v Jerry!

16:28 Meanwhile, Milan is serving for the match at 6-0, 5-3. Can Thijs find a way back in?

16:31 Unfortunately, no. A good effort in the last service game, but 6-3 to Milan it is. Let’s hope that Thijs’ idols fare better tonight!

16:36 Thijs: “Even though I lost, I would still like to thank all my family and friends for their continued support.”

16:36 “(In these difficult times.)”

16:43 TIME! (For the big one: Berry v Jerry.) If it’s just as good as Resing v Boesten, we’re in for a treat.

16:45 Berry elects to receive. What will we be able to learn from the opening exchanges?

16:48 Berry already frustrated on losing the first point. Temperament is going to be key this match, you feel. (Temperature, too..)

16:50 Not a very merry Berry v Jerry so far.. (C) Thijs

16:54 Break point to Jerry, but some big serves by Berry for a 1-1 hold

16:55 GAME to Bui. Well well, that could be interesting..

17:02 A half-hearted stroll towards the net is not enough for Berry as his positional play is all over the place.

17:03 And a big let call there at break point for Jerry. Berry’s ball seemed out, but Jerry doesn’t call it. Now that’s gentlemanly.

17:05 But the BREAK is there nonetheless: 3-1. But Berry is not for turning: 0-15..

17:08 4-1 though. Boxma now showing Bui all the corners of the court..

17:20 But Berry cannot confirm it as the ball floats past his position in the middle of no-man’s land. Jerry now serving for the first set at 5-3

17:22 But YET ANOTHER BREAK as we’re back on serve at 5-4. Twitchy stuff there

17:26 “It’s no fun to stay concentrated for this long”, complains Berry. Well, that’s what it takes to be a tennis prof. 0-30, then 30-40, SET!

17:42 And we have a result: first seed Boxma safely through 6-2, 6-0

17:50 5-2 to Berry now in the second.. Looks like we’re in for another decider..

17:54 In fact, it’s 6-2.. Can Jerry recover?

18:04 Topsy-turvy match this.. Jerry is a BREAK up now at 3-0. No-error-tennis required now from Berry if he is to avoid an early exit..

18:08 Good effort by Berry to make it 3-1!

18:11 And a BREAK BACK. Anybody fancy a prediction?

18:14 It seems Jerry just put on his hitting hat! (Or is it just sun protection?)

18:17 Hmm, that didn’t work.out.. Great pressure by By in that last point and we’re all level at 4 apiece. Jy switches to his white (lucky?)hat…

18:19 Or rather, 3-3. Or rather, 4-3 for Berry with another break. 15% battery on the twitter smartphone, will it be enough?

18:23 But the pressure increases for both players now as they are nearing the finishing line.. Back level at 4 all. Who can find some inspiration?

18:29 Every ball is difficult under these circumstances.. But Jerry survives some break points to somehow hold serve. 5-4. Now what?

18:32 0-40..

18:32 15-40..

18:32 30-40..

18:33 DEUCE!

18:38 How does he do it? BERRY LEVELS AT 5 ALL, surviving three match points. Classic match!

18:44 Jerry holds again. Can Berry force a tie-breaker? What a cracker of a match

18:48 Two more match points for Jerry at 15-40. And HE TAKES IT! Last set 6-4 to Jerry. Classic, period

18:49 “I didn’t hit a single ball in that last set”, confides Jerry. “It was my serve that saved me in the end.”


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