Day 3: Seeds Seek Semi Spots

With all seeds in action today, it promises to be a great afternoon of tennis!

Second seed Jacques Resing kicks off the afternoon session at 13:30 with a match against Dion Boesten. At 15:30, Milan Petkovic [4] will take on Thijs Laarhoven, while the big one, Jerry v Berry, will commence at approximately 16:00. The final match of the afternoon will see first seed Onno Boxma take on Vinh Bui at 16:30.

Meanwhile, also the battle for the fair-play cup commences. Antonino Simone is through to the sem-finals after Ali Mehrabi withdrew from the tournament: he now faces Sebastiaan de Hoogh at 15:00.

Incidentally, after taking on Thijs this afternoon, Milan also has to play PSV this evening at San Siro. Thus, even if Thijs does not succeed in securing victory for himself, he may still do his favorite team a big favour by tiring Milan out as much as possible.

Tickets are still available for all matches.


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