First seeds Boxma, Resing secure against EiPSI adversaries

EiPSI members Jerry den Hartog and Milan Petkovic fought bravely in trying to break through the defenses of Onno Boxma and Jacques Resing, but to no avail: the first and second seed are through to what looks to be a nicely poised final.

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Onno Boxma [1] took the first seed against Jerry den Hartog in style with 6-1, only for Jerry to hit back with a break to lead 3-2 in the second set. However, the next moments turned out to be key as Jerry conceded three points to go 0-40 on serve. After that it was plain sailing for Onno, as Jerry was left to wonder what might have been would he have held serve for a 4-2 lead..

Meanwhile, his nemesis Jacques Resing [2] complained of sore legs after playing twin matches yesterday, but nonetheless raced to a 4-1 lead against Milan Petkovic [4] in the first set. While your reporter was grabbing some food, Milan broke back to get to 4-5 on serve, meaning he had to hold serve twice to stay in the set. The first effort was succesful, but Jacques found the breakthrough at the second time of asking, taking the set 7-5. The second set followed a similar pattern as Milan again got to 4-5 on serve. This time Resing pushed through directly to set up his EiPSI Open final encounter with Onno Boxma: 7-5, 6-4.

This is how the afternoon unfolded:

17:15 And we are live now at court #1 where Jerry den Hartog takes on first seed Onno Boxma.

17:16 Boxma has taken the first 6-1, but Jerry got a break to go 3-2 up in the second.

17:17 We join it as Jerry has just conceded a break back and is serving at 3-4, 15-40 down

17:18 Gets to deuce, but concedes it in the end. 5-3, can Onno serve this one out? 0-30 to 40-30..

17:22 And 6-3. “Glad I’m done. Not constant enough..”, says Jerry. And we have our first finalist, as our second candidate Resing walks in..

17:43 Milan lookin’ sharp in his black & yellow outfit.. Jacques had by far the heavier match of the two yesterday, let’s see how he copes..

17:55 And we’re on! Resing to serve first.

17:58 Hold to 15 as we see first glimpses of Milans game plan that seems to be quite attacking..

18:02 And Resing races to a 2-0 lead with an early break..

18:08 Nice depth by Milan forces the mistake from Jacques as he looks comfortable at 40-15.. Then starts to push the boat out.. BREAK for 3-1..

18:12 Just a couple more errors from Milan now.. And as soon as you release the pressure from Jacques, he takes advantage.. 4-1 to Jacques

18:13 Now this is a service game that Milan badly needs to take, you feel..

18:15 Which he does in solid fashion

18:18 “Er op en er over” as they say in Dutch.. Milan breaks to love.

18:19 And that’s it, time for our reporter to get some food. There’s still seats in the audience for curious followers..

19:24 And we are back! Resing has taken the first set 7-5, its now 5-4 on serve in the second..

19:27 And Milan survives one match point!

19:28 Deuce again..

19:30 But it’s over at the second time of asking: 7-5, 6-4 and the second seed is through!

19:31 Analysis from the side lines: Milan missed just a couple too much drop shots, according to Jerry


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