Past Winners Eye Glory as Title Defender Boxma Bows Out

Both 2011 winner Berry Schoenmakers and 2012 winner Stan Korzilius have confirmed their participation in this year’s EiPSI Open, with their prospects improved as Onno Boxma has to abstain from defending his title.

Boxma, 61, last year won the EiPSI crown at his first attempt, beating Jacques Resing and 2011 finalist Jerry de Hartog along the way. Unfortunately, this year he is unable to defend his title: “I’m playing with a team mate in a doubles’ tournament at my own tennis club”, Boxma confided to the tournament organisation, “and unfortunately I’m quite busy at this moment”.

But, as Johan Cruijff would say, “every disadvantage has its advantage” — and especially so for some other opponents, who will now see their road to the title much less congested with one main contender out of the way. Berry Schoenmakers, who had a disappointing run in last year’s edition having reached the final on two earlier occasions, has had some form issues over summer. But he will see this news as a big encouragement, and was the first to register for this year’s tournament only minutes after its official announcement. Also his 2012 nemesis Stan Korzilius is back from extensive training in the UK, quite possibly with a vengeance, and was quick to subscribe, adding to the quality of the line-up. With  journeymen like Thijs Laarhoven and Meilof Veeningen also adding to the tally, it already promises to be a spectacular EiPSI Open — but there are still three more days before the registration window closes.

“We are still expecting some high profile registrations”, according to an EiPSI Open spokesperson, “so watch this place!”

Registration to the 2014 EiPSI Open is open until Friday. Register now!


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