The Line-Up: “Best-Of” EiPSI Open Scares Semi-Profs

With Jacques Resing, Dion Boesten, and Iason Zisis all participating, the quality of the 2014 EiPSI Open players’ field is beyond doubt. But this seems to have scared some lesser favorites, as the second-tier “Group B” attracts a disappointing number of participants.

In the build-up to the announcement of the 2014 draw, expected some time after 10 tonight, the tournament organisation has announced that seven players will participate in the top-tier Group A, while only two players will participate in Group B, the group for semi-professionals.

After 2012 finalists Schoenmakers and Korzilius announced their participation, last year’s finalist Jacques Resing was quick to follow suit. The field of participants was then strengthened further by the entry of Iason Zisis, despite him, by his own admission, not having touched a racket after his traumatic loss to Korzilius in the 2012 semi-final.

Thijs Laarhoven and Meilof Veeningen also subscribed, but much attention will go out to the much-improved Dion Boesten. Having already reached the semi-finals back in 2011, Boesten had two disappointing runs, crashing out in the quarters in 2012 and 2013, but this summer finally found his winning form, reaching the semi-finals at Fellenoord before emerging victorious at Shaile in Helmond, and at Metzpoint in Veldhoven. Should he be able to take his winning form into this year’s Open, he will be one of the main contenders for the trophy.

Meanwhile, the newly introduced Group B is considerably less popular. For a long time, it seemed that Tony Chou would be the automatic winner of the Fair Play Award, according to the old adage of “entering = participating = winning”. However, this was counting out Sebastiaan de Hoogh who, when pressed, admitted that he had expected to be entered into the draw without registering, “just like previous years”. Seeing this as encouragement, the organisers entered him. Hence, tennis will be played to decide this group; but even before the official draw takes place in little over an hour, we can already announce that the final will be between these two great players.

Stay tuned for the 2014 draw in an hour!


6 thoughts on “The Line-Up: “Best-Of” EiPSI Open Scares Semi-Profs

  1. bang me reet, die lui vna de organizatie moeten gewoon van hun luie reet af komen en beter promotie maken want als je een paar dagen van tevoren pas het toernooi aankondigd ja dan hebben spelers natuurlijk wel iets beters te doen, vroeger was de organizatie veel beter maar dit jaar is het drie keer niks

  2. nouja zeg sjakie, ik vindt dat egt niet lief hoor wat je daar nou zegt allemaal, die organisatie (ja dat moedt met een s!) doet ook hun uiteste best en je hoeft niet mee te doen hoor, maar als je niet meedeot moet jeook niet allemaal zeuren, en als je wel meedoet trouwes ook niet !!

  3. niet klagen gewoon meedoen ja zo ging het zestig jaar geleden ook toen hadden we de amerikanen nodig om ons er weer bovenop te helpen,, zelfde als nu met al die buiten,anders zo gaat dit land dus naar de kloote

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