Day 3: First Finals Spot Secured

Stan Korzilius books his place in the 2014 final with a straight sets win over Berry Schoenmakers.

Korzilus started as one of the favorites of this year’s EiPSI Open, and today’s performance will do little to change that. Korzilius managed to show a much more consistent than his opponent Berry Schoenmakers, who showed sparks of brilliance, but simply made too many mistakes to really be in contention.

Korzilius easily took the first set 6-1. The audience, hoping for a first EiPSI winner since the inaugural edition back in 2011, tried to cheer Berry on and it seemed to help, as Berry all of a sudden found himself 3-0 up in the second set. However, after a very loose service game in which the Eindhovenaar was broken to love, it was business as usual again, and the Helmondenaar managed to finish the match off at 6-4.

He now faces a security guy in the final, with Dion and Jerry battle it out tomorrow for the second spot.


Berry Schoenmakers v Stan Korzilius as it happened

16:13 And we’re live again at the tennis courts, where Stan has just taken a 3-0 lead against Berry in the first semi-final of this years open
16:14 But play not continue for much longer as it’s starting to rain…
16:19 Stan holds, and earns a break point on berry’s serve… Saved. Advantage. Deuce. Can get Berry on the board?
16:20 Yes he can! But it’s still 4-1 to the 2012 champion.
16:23 Some errors start to creep in Stans game, and he makes a double fault to go 30-30. But a comfortable hold in the end.
16:24 Can Berry hold to stay in the set?
16:25 0-40 and three SET POINTS!
16:25 And a double fault as the pressure piles on. Stan takes the first 6-1, time for a tactical time-out for Berry
16:27 Yesterday it was Berry teaching Tennis 101 to Thijs. But now it appears that in Tennis 102, he is the pupil. But let’s see in the second set
16:28 More errors from Stan (you heard it here first, folks!) earn Berry a BREAK POINT!
16:34 Berry builds up a 40-15 lead in a solid service game, but a double fault and we are back to deuce. And Berry survives a break point for 2-0
16:36 And a despondent Stan plays another few loose points. Berry leading 3-0, can he force a decider?
16:39 Not like this he can’t… Stan breaks him to love. Now what?
16:44 And Stan takes the next two, just hitting the outer edge of the line on break point. This is gonna hurt. Can Berry stop the rot?
16:47 In theory, “patience comes with the years”, as Berry points out. But today’s practice is a bit different. Good hold from Stan to go 4-3
16:50 And another break. This looks like it’s going to be over quickly, can Stan serve it out?
16:53 It appears Stan is only human, as he makes a double fault and Berry attacks to set up break point, and a break for 5-4.
16:54 But he still needs to serve to stay in this years championships.
16:58 Everything seemed fine at 30-15, but Stan makes a great run at Berry’s volley. And sets up a match point. MATCH, 6-4
16:59 And Stan is through to the finals. Let’s see who joins him tomorrow as Dion and Jerry decide who becomes the SEC representant


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