Stan Korzilius Holds On To Win 2014 Championships

Stan Korzilius had to dig deep, but held on in a tense decider to win his second EiPSI Open crown, beating Dion Boesten 6-3, 2-6, 6-4.

Korzilius went into this year’s final having only ever dropped one set in all previous matches at the the EiPSI Open, on a tiebreak in the 2012 final. This year, he was lucky to receive a walkover in the quarter-finals as Iason Zisis retreated from the tournament amidst controversy over alledged bad planning. His semi-final was a re-match of the 2012 final against Berry Schoenmakers, but the latter’s bad form as of late continued as Korzilius swept him aside 6-1, 6-4.

Dion Boesten, going into the tournament in fine form, had to put in more of an effort to reach the final. He had a tough quarter-final draw in 2013 finalist Jacques Resing, but adopted an offensive strategy to beat him 6-2, 6-3. His semi-final was another tough affair against another previous finalist, Jerry den Hartog, who did well to force a breaker in the first set, but eventually had to succumb 7-6, 6-2.

The final, then, promised to be a clash between two contrasting styles: the defensive, consistent play that earned Korzilius victory in 2012; and the offensive, but more error-prone game plan that worked for Boesten in Helmond and Veldhoven earlier this season.

In fact, the match turned out to be quite a topsy-turvy affair, enjoyed by a significant crowd. The initial advantage was for CASA, as Stan found himself a 6-3 and a set up while Dion was still settling into the match. But urged on by his home supporters, Dion suddenly found a bit of form as errors started to creep in Stans game, and Dion took the second set for EiPSI with a 6-2 scoreline to force a decider.

Stan managed to regain his calm, however, and managed to break Dion in his first sevice game of the third set, despite Dion being up 40-love at the beginning. This hurt, and Stan went on to break Dion again, this time with a double fault at 15-40. Dion did a little bit back to make it 4-1, but at 5-1, it seemed that his challenge was all but over. However, there was to be another twist in this spectator’s spectacular, as Stan, serving for the match at 5-1, 30-0, made a few mistakes and was broken. After a 5-2, 5-3 and even 5-4 followed, the EiPSI crowd were now really on their feet, only to be disappointed when, eventually, Stan set up two match points in the 10th game. Dion saved one, but when his final stroke of the ball went wide, Stan’s work was done and the defense of his 2012 title and unbeaten record complete.

The presentation party did their work, and that was the end of the 2014 EiPSI Open. Despite a decreased number of entries and criticism about the timeliness of the tournament announcement, we have had a nice tournament with some good tennis and a deserved winner. See you all next year!

IMG_0041    IMG_0042    IMG_0039[1]

The Final As It Happened

16:43 It’s on! We are LIVE now as the final of the EiPSI Open is underway. Dion won the toss but not much more, as Stan leads 3-0…
16:45 Now then! That’s a very loose game. Double fault, and Dion breaks back. Serving now at 1-3 down
16:49 And a solid hold from Dion. But he still trails 2 to 3
16:53 But Stan can as well! Solid hold. Dion tries to set the pace, but he is not clinical enough, and so far, Stans defences are enough.
16:55 Ok, then. Dions serve. 40-15, then a bad mistake. But holds eventually. Quite even now, but Dion still has that break to make up for at 4-3
16:57 Another good hold from Stan, who just needs one more. Dion serving to stay in the set. Two good first serves for 30-0
17:00 But a strong effort now from Stan to set up a SET POINT! And he takes it. First blood to CASA at 6-3.
17:00 Stan only ever dropped one set at the Open, and that was a breaker against Berry in the 2012 final
17:04 Stans consistency helped him through that. Dion on the offense, but a few too many mistakes as he nets another one at 15-15
17:08 The difference is in the smashes, Dion misses one for 15-30, but then finishes two for a BREAK. 1-0 to EiPSI in the second, c’mon!
17:13 But the hope is short lived as Stan breaks back directly. 40-30 at Stans serve, but great movement from Dion to get back to deuce
17:13 and break point!
17:14 And yet another break. Come on guys, this is not he women’s final!
17:17 Dion serving well in this game. Some good first service to pile on the pressure. 40-30. But good volleying from Stan for a deuce. Big game..
17:18 And a big break. 2-2
17:20 Misfit from Stan the Man there, Dion sets up two break points. Is the man from Helmond losing his famed patience? 3-2 to Dion
17:21 Mishit, that is
17:23 Conditions favouring the home player now with a terrible net ball. 40-0, we may have a hold at a crucial time…
17:23 We have! 4-2 to Dion
17:26 5-2. Wayward performance from Stan now. Can Dion force a decider?
17:31 Two break points to Stan at 15-40… But Dion saves them both. And a third… But now a SET POINT!
17:32 Stans ball ends up right on the net. The net is thinking… And it pushes the ball back to Stans court. Set 6-2 to Dion, we have a decider!
18:09 Sorry to keep you waiting, I’m afraid we were experiencing some technical difficulties. But Stan won the decider 6-4 and is the champion!


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